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  • Prospects want instant engagement.  
  • Qualify leads in segments you want to make. 
  • Get Prospects' insights by answering common questions. 
  • Get faster engagement and payment(s). 
  • Increase repeat business.
  • Offline Sales and Application onboarding.  
  • Solve the most common friction point - know in the now!

Avatar and Chatbot - Your Virtual Employee 

Your Employee is working 24/7 building your brand and generating leads

Advantages of an Avatar and Chatbot 

70% to 80% Open Rate

65%+ Click Through Rate

(You get a boost with Avatar on the Bounce Rate)

Enjoy deep discounts on our plans before the clock runs out on you! 

5% to 10% Open Rate

3.5% to 5% CTR

(There is no boost for prosopects to stay longer) 

Disadvantages of using eMail Marketing 

Lead Generation

Julian Attila 

Christina Gaviria 

"I've just signed up for the starter pack and I can't believe how easy it is to use this platform and it delivers as promised!" 

"Conversational Marketing is the new online attention grabber.  I understand why people want answers and attention now not tomorrow.  This works for me!" 


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